How To Combine the Kitchen with the Living Room

A smaller home will often blur the lines between rooms, leading many homeowners to present rooms as if they were a combined unit. If you live in an apartment or studio, you know all too well how your kitchen and living room are blended together. There can be some aesthetic and functional restrictions when designing, but FineFurnitureLosAngeles is here to make sure you’re able to craft a perfect space.

Living room design rendering

Designed and render by Vu Dang Khoi (CC)

Don’t Make the Kitchen a Focal Point

You can easily identify the functionality of a kitchen when it’s in its own separate room. When combined with the living room, it’s easy to make the kitchen a focal point. Instead, the kitchen should match its counterpart, and must command function and aesthetic at the same time.

The kitchen and living room should balance one another, meaning that

  • The furniture in the kitchen should all be of the same color
  • The furniture in the kitchen should match the color of the walls

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Blend the Rooms Into One

Because the kitchen and living room must exist in the same space, it’s important that they look like they belong together. If one room is fighting for attention with another, your home will appear smaller and cluttered.

  • Use the same type of flooring throughout the room to make the barrier less obvious
  • Keep the walls of the room the same color

Use Furniture to Create Barriers


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The rooms should look combined with one another, but it’s still possible to do so while maintaining the identity of both the kitchen and living room. Furniture can be rearranged so that they may act as the “walls” that keep the two rooms separate.

  • An island will often take up a lot of room, creating an understandable and fitting barrier for the space
  • A sofa can also be used to mark the beginning of the living room; place it facing away from the kitchen to avoid an awkward arrangement
  • If you don’t have the space for an island or sofa, you could try using a rug to set the boundaries between the kitchen and living room

Add a Dining Area


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An easy layout that blends the two rooms together is the use of a dining room in between the kitchen and living room, to act as a neutral zone that indirectly connects both of them.

Adjust Your Storage

A blurred line between the kitchen and living room means that you can store items from the kitchen in the living space. Without straying too far from the kitchen, try placing your shelf of glasses in the living room as a way to accent it.

Know Your Space

Because you’re going to be combining two rooms into one, you’ll probably run into issues of crowding the area with furniture. Know the limitations that your room has so you can keep the clutter and the spending to a minimum.

If you’re constantly running into issues with space, adjust your furniture so that it’s in the light of a window; it will make the room seem brighter and more spacious.

Designing your home and finding the right pieces for it can be difficult, but FineFurnitureLosAngeles has a selection of unique home furnishings to design a space that’s perfect. Browse through dozens of options for the kitchen and living room, but for any space you have. Get ready to turn your house into a home!

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