5 Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles in Spring

Springtime is one of the most beautiful times in Southern California. Between the warm days and cool evenings, Los Angeles offers plenty to do for both the tourists and the locals. Get out of the box with these cool ideas to stave off the weekend, “Mom, I’m bored” and impress out-of-town guests with your knowledge.

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Buffet Vs. Sideboard Vs. Credenza: What’s the Difference?

Hillsview Buffet Table
Hillsview Buffet Table

When furnishing your home, the number of choices available is incredible. In the dining room alone, how do you know if you should get a buffet, a sideboard, or a credenza? What’s the difference between a buffet, sideboard, or credenza? Is there a difference between them, or are they the same? Let’s break it down today to help you decide what’s right for your home.

Quick summary:

What’s the difference between buffets, sideboards, and credenzas?

Buffets, sideboards, and credenzas are each very similar in construction and purpose, however they are unique types of furniture. Buffets have long legs and act as storage while sideboards do not have legs and sit directly on the floor. Credenzas are longer and short, with either no legs or short legs.

  • Buffets – A buffet is a type of of dining room furniture consisting of cupboards, drawers, and cabinets that acts as storage.
  • Sideboards – Buffets have long legs and act as storage centers, whereas sideboards do not have legs and sit directly on the floor. Sideboards are more elaborately decorated.
  • Credenzas – Credenzas are longer and short, with either no legs or short legs.
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10 Furniture Upholstery Stores in Los Angeles

Furniture restoration and upholstery is one of those projects you don’t want to take on without experience. Especially when it comes to restoring Grandma’s antique dining chairs. In Los Angeles, we are fortunate to be home to some of the best craftspeople in the nation. Here is a list of 10 of the best furniture upholstery shops in LA, curated by Fine Furniture Los Angeles.

Upholstery Fabrics
Photo courtesy Pixabay

Furniture Upholstery Stores in Los Angeles

1) Carlson Upholstery

This Long Beach store has been locally owned and operated since 1939. Carlson specializes in reupholstering pieces, antique restoration, and custom slip covers. Their design experts have decades of experience in providing high quality workmanship and customer care.

2) Barbera Upholstery & Repair

Frank Barbera, master upholsterer, originally owned a shop in San Diego for over 35 years. He now works in Orange County and Yorba Linda. Barbera specializes in custom designs, antiques, and large projects. Barbera offers free estimates.

3) Elegant Designs

Elegant Designs is located in Burbank and offers a wide range of supplies and fabric in addition to upholstery. They have been restoring and reupholstering furniture for over 30 years. Elegant Designs offers a complete re-upholstery service for antique pieces.

4) D& R Upholstery

Located in Koreatown, D& R Upholstery offers a wide range of services for home, hotel, and commercial furniture. They offer antique restoration, custom work, and upholstery repairs. D& R Upholstery has received high ratings from customers in skills, customer satisfaction, and price.

5) Furniture and Repairs

Furniture and Repairs offers a wide range of repair services including upholstery and restoration. Get that custom look with re-dyeing or refinishing on your favorite furniture piece. Furniture and Repairs was founded by experts with over 25 years of experience.  They provide you with the right treatment or upholstery for your furniture.

6) Angela’s Upholstery & Slipcovers Corp.

Angela’s Upholstery will work with you to create custom furniture upholstery for your home or business. They have worked with interior designers for restaurants and hotels, and with staging companies. Pick-up and delivery are available within the Los Angeles area. Angela’s Upholstery has over 30 years’ experience in the business, providing customers with beautiful upholstery and custom work.

7) Best Class Upholstery

Best Class Upholstery is located in Harvard Heights and is known for their work in specialty furniture and restoration. Since 1996, Best Class has been providing their customers with excellence in upholstery, antiques restoration, drapery, and customized furniture. They also have a unique fabric library, so your upholstery project will perfectly suit your vision.

8) Bulux Furniture

Located in Harvard Park, Bulux Furniture offers upholstery services for your home. Specializing in sofas and cushions, Bulux also offers customization and mobile upholstery. Progress photos and customer reviews can be found on their Facebook page.

9) Sugar’s Upholstery

Dedicated to high quality work and the Southern California lifestyle, Sugar’s Upholstery offers restoration and refinishing in addition to upholstery. Their experienced upholsterers will take care to bring new life to your favorite pieces. Sugar’s Upholstery works on residential and commercial projects, providing their customers with beautiful finished products.

10) Jimmy’s Custom Upholstery

In operation since 1996, Jimmy’s Custom Upholstery specializes in custom upholstery for residential and commercial furniture, and vehicle seats. Airplanes, cars, and boats all need specialized seating and Jimmy’s Custom Upholstery does it all. Located in Anaheim, Jimmy’s Custom Upholstery is dedicated to quality craftsmanship.

Finding the Right Furniture Upholstery Shop in Los Angeles

When looking for an upholstery or furniture restoration service, it’s always best practice to read customer reviews. These reviews can give insight on some of the shops’ best work.

Fine Furniture Los Angeles logo

At FineFurnitureLosAngeles.com, we’re always scoping out new ways to help our customers save money. All of the furniture in our collection is built to last through the years. If you’ve decided to retire your old furniture rather than repair it, visit our online catalog for design inspiration and stellar savings. Find everything from sofas and coffee tables to outdoor patio sets and bedroom sets. All quality furniture, available at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

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10 of the Easiest Home Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling can be a large project that requires a healthy amount of time and investment. It can take months, or even years, especially if you are taking on everything yourself. 

Short red phillips screwdriver
Photo courtesy Pixabay

Fortunately, there are smaller projects that can make a big difference. At FineFurnitureLosAngeles.com, we’re all about saving you money. We put together this guide to help you start your home remodel small. When it’s time for the main projects you’ll be ready, and your home will look great in the meantime.

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Furniture Rental in Los Angeles

Furniture rental is the sustainable new way to furnish your home or business. Hiring an interior decorator can quickly get expensive. Your time is valuable and fixing DIY mistakes can be frustrating and costly. Renting furniture is a décor and furnishing solution that takes care of it all.

By renting furniture, you can change up your furnishings when the mood strikes without splashing out for a brand new living room set every few months. In Los Angeles, there are a multitude of fantastic furniture rental services that offer everything from individual furniture piece rentals to full home packages.

At FineFurnitureLosAngeles.com, we’re in the business of helping our customers find the best pieces for their home, from bedroom to patio, but we also provide tips and tricks for home décor.  We recently posted our top picks for renting furniture in the Los Angeles area. Today, we’re going to dive into some more rental options. 

6 Reasons to Rent Furniture

  1. Frequent Moves. Renting eliminates storing and moving heavy furniture
  2. Temporary Housing.
  3. Special occasions and events. Make your party sparkle with unique and designer pieces.
  4. Try out a trend without committing. Stay fashionable, without breaking the bank on items that will go out of style in a year or two.
  5. Reduces furniture waste.
  6. Staging your home for the market. In the competitive LA housing market, staging can make a huge difference in selling your home. Use rental and staging services to get your home looking its best.

10 Furniture Rental Companies in Los Angeles

AFR Furniture Rental

AFR is ideal for temporary housing, with packages for students and individual pieces for rent. Find designer pieces in their rental catalogue to make your home stand out on the market.

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The 5 Best Places to Rent Furniture in Los Angeles

Most people assume that the only way to furnish a home is to buy everything at once. This can get incredibly expensive, especially for new homeowners. Fortunately, there are furniture rental  services. Renting furniture is a great way to save time and money. Along with renting basic furniture pieces, many rental services allow you to rent statement pieces so you can try a piece that’s out of your usual style. That pricy dining set you’ve had your eye on, but aren’t quite sure about? Maybe try renting it first to see if you love it.

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5 Stores Every Los Angeles Bargain Hunter Should Know About

Courtesy of Pixabay

Saving money takes more than cutting coupons and skipping dessert. A true bargain hunter isn’t afraid to check the bottom shelf, ask about sales and discounts, or check out the hidden gems. On Los Angeles’ vibrant streets, there are plenty of discount stores, consignment shops, and estate sales to peruse. If you’re after some true Los Angeles gems, use this guide to help you seek out the best in affordable home furnishing and more.

Shopping Tips

  • Shop online—Avoid the crowds and find special coupons and discounts
  • Find out which day your favorite thrift store restocks for the best selection
  • Compare prices online
  • Make a plan—Avoid overspending by knowing what you’re looking for before you go shopping.
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How to Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Home renovations can take your home from basic to wow. Whether you’re getting ready to sell, or wanting an upgrade for yourself, renovating the kitchen is the perfect place to start.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it can serve as an entertainment space as well as a functional space to cook and enjoy food. When your kitchen is a place you love, having a few friends over for dinner spontaneously is so much easier. Use our tips to help you renovate your kitchen space on a price-friendly budget.

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Hot Living Room Trends to Catch Onto in 2020

With the New Year kicking in at full speed, new interior design trends are rising in 2016. Building on and shedding some of last year’s styles, 2020 has is filled with fresh and improved ideas for your living room. Here’s the FineFurnitureLosAngeles guide to the hottest living room trends in 2020.

Workspaces in the living room

Recent years have relocated the computer away from proper workspaces. While teens and adults everywhere are happy with the convenience of the bed or couch, they are placed in a new environment full of distractions.



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Kitchen Trends to Steer Clear Of in 2020

Now is always a perfect time to remodel different spaces in your home, from the bedroom to the office. New interior design trends are becoming rapidly and wildly popular, but there are quite a few that you need to steer clear of. This is the FineFurnitureLosAngeles guide to kitchen trends to avoid in 2016

1. Ignoring Functionality

It’s easy to get hung up on the look of the tile or the finish of the wood, and forget to check if the kitchen is hindering itself. Make sure your cabinets can be open at the same time as the dishwasher, or that your island isn’t taking up too much room.
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