Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Transform your home instantly with the addition of one of the most stunning and unique accessories on the market: the water fountain. Step into your home and step away from the everyday stresses of life with a new water fountain. At FineFurnitureLosAngeles.com, we carry a wide selection of beautiful, affordable furniture and accessories specifically selected for our customers' busy lifestyles. Browse our collection of exceptional water fountains to find one that's perfect for your private escape.

Water fountains have been a traditional décor piece since ancient times, for good reason. In addition to clarifying, soothing sounds of the water bubbling, water fountains provide comfortable humidity. Humidity is essential, especially in a dry climate, like southern California. Placing a water fountain in a bedroom can help ease asthma and allergy symptoms. Melt away stress by placing a water fountain in a central location, taking a moment each day to sit and watch the water tumble and turn.

We offer several different kinds of indoor water fountains for the home. Wall fountains are popular for bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms. Available in many sizes and finishes, our wall fountains will incorporate seamlessly into your décor. Floor fountains are great for large, open floor plans. Glass floor fountains offer an intriguing contemporary look.

Many of our gorgeous fountains can be customized with your choice of finish, stone, lighting, and even a special logo.  Custom logo fountains are perfect for home businesses. Your business logo, family name, or any other special motto can be applied to our fountains. Your guests and clients will be impressed by your taste. Let your creativity sparkle with your own custom logo fountain.

For the garden and backyard, we offer a wide variety of marvelous outdoor fountains. The distracting sounds of a busy roadway can be masked with the addition of a charming fountain. Enjoy the calm waters with your morning coffee or relax after work. Outdoor fountains turn any backyard into an oasis. For more outdoor and garden inspiration, visit our patio collection.

Let your calming water fountain provide soothing comfort as you relax at home with family and friends. Your new water fountain will ship for free with our local shipping!