Is the Bathroom a Hazardous Environment?

The Bathroom vs. You

Bathrooms are often envisioned to be one of the most dangerous locations in the home, often being the sites of numerous falls, collisions, and cuts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 235,000 nonlethal bathroom injuries occurred in the U.S. in 20081. Majority of these accidents take place in the shower or bath, with victims slipping and falling. Common injuries include abrasions, sprains, fractures, and concussions, and occur more often in older adults than other age demographics.

Bathroom safety grab rail

The bathroom safety grab rail is just $37.00 and gives you a sturdy support to help you get over the ledge of the bathtub.

How to Prevent Future Injuries in the Bathroom

Numerous bathroom safety goods are available to residents ready to take action and make their households a safe place. FineFurnitureLosAngeles provides a variety of products for the home, ranging from tub grab rails to raised toilet seats. Products such as grab rails or shower benches reduce any chances of slipping by allowing users to maintain balance and lower the amount of time they are showering. For the toilet, a heightened seat will make getting up faster and easier.

Make-shift Fixes Can Be Dangerous

Irwin Berch, a resident of Burlingame, CA, was entering his 90’s, but also becoming increasingly prone to accidents in the bathroom. Berch had admitted to using his bathroom door to pull him up from the toilet, causing the door to swing inward and create a hole in the wall.


The Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift is the lightest lift on the market weighing just 20.5 lbs. Reclines to a 50 degree position. $571.00

In addition, Berch used his loosening towel rack as a balance when entering and exiting the shower. Both actions put him at risk of slipping in the bathroom and causing harm to himself. A consultant from the Center for Independence of the Disabled scrutinized his household and determined what bathroom safety products would be ideal to prevent accidents.


An elevated toilet seat reduces the distance you have to travel to seat yourself. $48.00 is a small price to pay to prevent serious medical injuries!

Shower benches, heightened toilet seats, and grab bars were prescribed to Berch so that he may navigate about the bathroom safely and avoid future injuries. Safety goods are slowly becoming part of bathroom design in homes, helping residents avoid unwanted accidents and medical costs.

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